The Project

Technology can be hard to keep up with. It’s always changing and you’re always hearing about some new site you should be on. Between posting video and updating your status or coming up with slick marketing phrases that are only 140 characters long you might not have the time or the man power to successfully keep up with it all.

That’s where we come in.

Project Pause was started with one idea: Let’s help to consolidate the online and offline technologies into one place. Our mission is to help companies and arts organizations manage their online presence, consolidate marketing messages and produce top quality online and offline content.

Video production, websites, mobile apps, search engine marketing and social media marketing campaigns all fall within our realm and we can help make these areas more painless for you.

Project Pause was founded by E. S. Frushtick and Edward Highfield. After working together for over 15 years – it was time to start giving back to the communities that had helped us along the way.

E.S. Frushtick

Award-Winning Filmmaker & New York University graduate E.S. Frushtick has been a working director in New York City for the last 10 years. His company, Dryspell Productions, specializes in film, music videos, webisodes and commercials created by a team of industry professionals, who bring their vast range of skills and techniques to
every project.

Frushtick’s latest film PATH: A Manhattan / Hoboken Love Story, produced on location in New York City, has been selected to nearly 20 film festivals including Hamptons International, LA Shorts, and DC Shorts, where it won 3 awards. PATH is a follow-up to his suspense thriller PAUSE, which was filmed in New England. In addition, he created a new web-series for Sports Illustrated entitled SI REMIX; produced the 2005 Rhode Island Film Festival narrative “The Fisherboy,” directed by Jonathan Blitstein, and is a staff director for the popular web-site; as well as producing and directing many other projects.

E.S. Frushtick recently completed the music video “Big Dreams” for the hot new band Joemca & The Poets, is prepping a Horror Feature set in Los Angeles, in development on a comedic TV pilot and producing a documentary that reveals the provocative story of 40 American Jews taking their first pilgrimage to Israel.

Edward Highfield

Producer, cinematographer, web site designer and search engine optimization specialist, Edward has been working in various areas of the entertainment industry for well over 10 years.

Aside from producing and shooting video for, Edward is also currently their on-staff Project Manager working to develop new features for the site, oversee mobile development and manage the site’s organic search optimization.

In recent months Edward has designed and developed the New York Theatre Network in conjunction with and A.R.T./New York, has designed and developed Majestic Living’s successful ‘ZenGo‘ iPhone App.

Cinematographer on the recent “Big Dreams” music video by upcoming artist Joemca, Edward is getting ready to tackle a Horror feature set in Los Angeles and is working on a large scale documentary art project in New York City.